ROgift(Magazin de cadouri)

Legend enchanted horse

On a stormy night an old lady came to the prince's palace to ask for shelter. The prince saw her and told her to leave. If she wanted to work she could get a shelter. The old lady changed into a princess and told him ' You have no mercy and you have no soul. You'll turn into a horse. The spell will be
broken only if a maiden will give you a gift.' Many years passed and the prince was unhappy and he was sorry for what he'd done. Al these years many princesses came to bring him gifts in vain. One day a young shepherdess called Giralda, who was in love with the prince, picked a snowdrop and she wrapped it in a white paper. On the back she wrote with white and red letter 'martisor'. When she came to the prince he was wandering when he had seen those clear honest eyes? The girl said her gift was a symbol of her love for the prince. She gave him the 'Martisor'. When the prince touched her gift he changed back into a human being, the prince. They got married and they lived happily ever after. The prince decided that from that year on everybody had to remember the 1st of March and boys were to give the girls a Martisor as a sign of gratitude and love.

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